Quick renovation for tiling works

 May 12, 2021. 4:17 AM

Why do we need Fast setting systems?

There are various situations whereby fast setting systems are required at job sites.  One of the reasons could be that commercial projects require quick turnaround time to open for business operations.  Sometimes, the project requires applicators to complete the works in a short notice and they do not have the time to wait for the prior application using normal-setting products to set & cure.  Environmental factors play a part, such as high humidity which may compromise drying time.  The characteristic of the stone material used – certain stones can be sensitive to humidity causing it to warp. Therefore, it is recommended to use a fast setting adhesive for the stone installation, a rapid-drying screed binder that can achieve a low % of residual moisture in the screed after a few days etc. In this case, the ideal solution will require fast setting system products.

Mapei Singapore has a range of fast setting products for tiling works, waterproofing, soundproofing, laying screeds and more to meet the demands of quick renovation.

Systems for quick renovation  

Fast waterproofing system for renovating wet environments

 fast waterproofing system for renovating wet environments

Prime the substrate with Eco Prim Grip (1 hour)

Waterproof with the first coat of Mapelastic AquaDefense, installing Drain Vertical and applying Mapeband rubber tape. Thereafter, apply the second coat of Mapelastic AquaDefense (4 hours)

Fix tiles with tile adhesive Adesilex P9 Express (4 hours)

Grout tiles with Ultracolor Plus and seal joints with Mapesil AC sealant (3 hours)

Set to foot traffic in only 12 hours.

Fast system for installing or repairing tiles in commercial areas 

                    Fast renovation with tile adhesive and tile grout   

Install screed using Topcem Pronto (4 days)

Fix tiles using Granirapid tile adhesive (3 hours)

Grout the tiles with Ultracolor Plus and seal the joints with Mapesil AC (3 hours)

Set to foot traffic in only 5 days.

Fast System for fixing tiles on existing tile flooring 

 Fast renovation with tile adhesive and tile grout

Fixing of tiles using Elastorapid tile adhesive (3 hours)

Grouting the tiles with Ultracolor Plus tile grout (3 hours)

Set to foot traffic in only 6 hours.

Fast setting system for swimming pool  

The typical system for renovating a swimming pool takes 21 days. With the Mapei fast setting system, the entire process can be cut down to a minimum of 3 days up to 7 days before filling with water.

Waterproofing products and Tile adhesive for quick renovation in swimming pool

Apply cementitious waterproofer Mapelastic or Mapelastic Smart

Use Granirapid or Elastorapid tile adhesive for rapid installation of ceramic tiles and glass mosaics

Grout tiles with Ultracolor Plus tile grout and seal expansion joints with Mapesil AC acetic silicone sealant.

To install and grout lining in environments subjected to aggressive chemical agents and to protect the waterproofing system, an option is to use reaction-type adhesives classified R2 according to EN 12004, such as Kerapoxy or Kerapoxy Design.

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About Mapei:

Founded in Milan since 1937, Mapei is today a world leading producer of adhesives and complementary products for the laying of all types of floor, wall and coating materials. Mapei’s specialty lies in products for ceramics and stone materials, among other product lines. Mapei’s adhesives for tiles and stones are certified according to international standards and are SGBC certified. Experience proven by numerous notable projects worldwide.

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