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The use of resin and cementitious-based based flooring systems has become consolidated practice in the construction world. Not only are they adopted in the industrial and commercial building sectors, they are also used in the private construction sector and for street furniture and can be applied in various ways in all types of surroundings: from highly automated systems for industry to hospitals and supermarkets, as well as in civil settings for the public and private sectors, such as showrooms, shops and homes.

Mapei has developed a range of cutting-edge systems for the seamless flooring sector and, depending on the individual requirements of clients, they offer practical, efficient systems that can be installed very quickly and provide unquestionable benefits in terms of functionality, strength, durability and aesthetics.


Mapei’s seamless flooring portfolio consists of a comprehensive range of solutions that can be tailored to suit the type of application, the thickness of the flooring and the type of formulate employed and come in an infinite array of colours, shades and patterns to create surfaces that are not only unique, but also perfectly suitable for the use specified by the end user.

Resin Systems for Cleanroom: Certified flooring systems that are electrically dissipative and resistant to microorganisms for light, medium and heavy-duty floors.

Resin Systems for the Electronics Industry: Certified floor coatings that are anti-static conductive/dissipative and chemical-resistant.

The semiconductor and electronics industry contain expensive equipment and components which are easily exposed to static charge within a given space and can be irreversibly damaged. In addition to damaged equipment, built-up charges can put workers and the facility at risk. Floor coatings with high performance ESD flooring are therefore a necessity.


Mapei offers a range of anti-static conductive / dissipative floor coating systems, high chemical-resistant coating systems, epoxy floor and wall coating systems that can suit different types of application.  

Anti-static conductive / dissipative floor coating system



Mapefloor I 360 AS is one of the flooring systems from Mapei that is used to form electrically conductive coatings on concrete substrates and cementitious screeds exposed to medium to heavy traffic.


It is also used to form electrically conductive coatings on concrete substrates and cementitious screeds exposed to medium to heavy traffic. Mapefloor I 360 AS is used in particular to form antistatic conductive coatings in areas, just for instance as:

• Electronic Industries

• Pharmaceutical Industries

• Laboratories

• Hospitals and Operating Theatres

• Automotive and Aerospace Industries

• Storage of flammable materials

• Sterile environments

• Clean rooms


This Epoxy Flooring system is a two-component, self-levelling epoxy formulate used to form strong, anti-static, conductive coatings with good mechanical and chemical resistances. Once hardened, Mapefloor I 360 AS is characterized by the low level of micro-particles and volatile organic compounds (VOC) it releases into the air. This makes it particularly suitable for coating floors in areas such as clean rooms where a high standard of hygiene is required.



• Good physical strength and chemical resistances

• Waterproof

• Electrically conductive

• Dust proof



To conclude, for areas that require anti-static conductive/dissipative and chemical-resistant coatings, Mapei offers a range of epoxy floor and wall coating systems. One of our flooring systems, Mapefloor I 360 AS, is specifically designed to form electrically conductive coatings on concrete substrates and cementitious screeds exposed to medium to heavy traffic. This system is suitable for various settings, including electronic industries, pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, clean rooms, and more.


Mapefloor I 360 AS is characterized by good physical strength, chemical resistance, waterproofing, and dust-proofing. Additionally, it releases low levels of micro-particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it suitable for coating floors in areas where high hygiene standards are required. Mapefloor I 360 AS is a strong contender for one of the best flooring systems for industrial and resilient flooring system.



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Download the Technical Data Sheet here: MAPEFLOOR I 360 AS:

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