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June 9, 2023. 5:33 AM

Resilient, Industrial and Commercial Flooring Systems

A brief introduction to the possibilities available for the seamless flooring sector: from the food and drinks sector to heavy industry or the chemical industry, as well as other solutions for the service sector and shopping centres, right up to…

June 9, 2023. 4:16 AM

The Anti-Noise Defence System for Commerical, Homes Soundproofing

Mapei Specific Products For Soundproofing. Where does the noise in our homes come from? The sounds we hear in buildings, which is then perceived as noise if it disturbs or irritates us, come from the street, from plant systems running through the…

April 21, 2023. 12:13 PM


The use of resin and cementitious-based based flooring systems has become consolidated practice in the construction world. Not only are they adopted in the industrial and commercial building sectors, they are also used in the private construction…

June 28, 2022. 5:25 AM

Screeds & Mortars for tiling works

The purpose of a screed is to give a smooth and level floor surface on which to lay your chosen floor finish that could be vinyl, tiles, natural stone, carpet, parquet, wood and so on. There are two types of screeds - Bonded and Unbonded. …

April 1, 2022. 6:35 AM

A Practical Guide to Applying Epoxy Grout |Mapei Singapore

Apart from cementitious tile grouts that are commonly used for construction and renovation, another option is epoxy tile grouts . Epoxy tile grouts, by nature, have extremely low water absorption, is more resistant to stain and unlikely to promote…

December 9, 2021. 5:57 AM

Types of Surface Preparation for Floor Coating | Mapei Singapore

The first step of any successful floor application depends on the surface preparation. A clean and sound surface is necessary to establish a strong bond between the substrate and the subsequent flooring layer (e.g. resin coating). The substrate…

May 12, 2021. 4:17 AM

Quick renovation for tiling works

Why do we need Fast setting systems? There are various situations whereby fast setting systems are required at job sites.  One of the reasons could be that commercial projects require quick turnaround time to open for business operations.…

March 17, 2021. 10:04 AM

Pre-wetting of concrete substrates: why?

Manufacturers recommend pre-wetting of cementitious substrates (concrete, screeds, plasters) before applying cementitious mortar over-lays eg grouts, waterproofing slurries, etc. There is a good reason for this and it is explained here. …

December 31, 2020. 6:59 AM

Tips for installing large format and thin tiles

What is considered as Large format and slim tile? Large format tiles are those with at least one side greater than 60cm in length.  They come in various sizes and thicknesses, with some formats reaching dimensions of up to 3.2m x 1.6m.  They are…

November 9, 2020. 2:20 AM

How to fix cracked epoxy flooring | Mapei Singapore

Epoxy floors are durable, easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, it looks great with the seamless appearance and ability to customize in various colours. However, issues such as chipping or cracking may occur. The extent of repair will depend on…

October 28, 2020. 2:19 AM

Understanding tile grouts and its standards for tile and stone works

Similar to adhesives, tile grouts have specific requirements as defined by EN 13888 and ISO 13007-3 standards. Types of tile grout for tile and stone works Tile grout products are classified into two types: CG – Cementitious grouts RG –…

September 11, 2020. 8:59 AM

Understanding tile adhesives and its related standards | Mapei Singapore

When choosing the most appropriate installation system, a good knowledge of the materials to be installed is essential.  Installing tiles with adhesives by the thin-bed method shall meet specific requirements defined by European Standards EN 12004…

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