Mapei Far East Safety Day 2021

April 28, 2021

In conjunction with World Safety Day, Mapei Far East in Singapore celebrated Safety Day on 28 April 2021.

The event took place in the morning. It kicked off with the opening address from the Director of Asia Pacific, Marcel Smit, and the General Manager of Mapei Singapore, Shivram Bagade. The message is clear – everyone has a role to play with regards to Safety and the target is ZERO accidents. Safety is not just at site and in the premises, but it includes a wide scope, such as cyber security. It should be part of our daily lives.

The presentation on Safety Awareness Talk includes initiatives that have been done to promote safety and wellbeing such as having machine safety enclosures, periodic maintenance of machinery and forklifts, monthly toolbox meetings, establishing emergency response teams for fire emergency, chemical spillage, medical emergency, and providing and maintaining emergency response facilities and so on. These measures ensure that employees have the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary to protect themselves and others. It demonstrated the company’s commitment to provide a safe, healthy, clean and secure environment for employees and stakeholders visiting us.

The open discussion on “near miss reporting” allows employees to speak up on ways to improve to prevent accidents from happening. All staff are encouraged to take “courageous safety leadership” as coined by Shivram, “to be proactive and not reactive”, for reporting any potentially risky situations. A flow of communication for reporting near miss was established and conveyed to all staff.

Invited guest speaker from Mapei Malaysia, Wan Suffian, shared on their housekeeping improvement project and the 5S implementation on maintaining their work processes for higher efficiency. Guest speaker from Mapei Indonesia, Devaraj Sekaran, shared on their experience on ‘near miss reporting’.

The event ended with Safety live streaming tour of our premises, followed by photo taking and healthy lunch provided for all staff.

The exciting element was the slogan contest that saw a total of 22 entries and 3 winning entries. The winning Safety slogan of the year “SAFETY for You and Me. Peace of Mind for Everybody”.


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