TUTG Tea Talk - UTT Underground Technology Seminar

June 5, 2023

* Update

The first UTT seminar in Thailand was successfully conducted in a country where Mapei is not currently present. This seminar marked a significant milestone as we were able to supply UTT products for the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) project, securing a contract worth a minimum of USD 700k, which accounts for 25% of the entire project. This success paves the way for future UTT projects in Thailand, including the MRT Purple Line, MRT Orange Line, and more. The seminar attracted a target audience of 80 attendees, including tunneling contractors, consultants, and professors.

Wednesday 7 June 2023, 13:00-17:00 PM,

Organized by Thailand Underground and Tunnelling Group (TUTG)

The Engineering Institute of Thailand Under H.M. The King’s Patronage

Sponsored by MAPEI FAR EAST Pte Ltd



To share knowledge & experience regarding MWA-9D project management, Waterproofing System for the Cut & Cover Underground Structure, Soil Conditioning in Sandy condition, and foam & additive injection system in EPB TBM.


Underground constructions have their own unique character. This is basically due to the complexity during the design phase but, above all, to the severe conditions of the work environment. During the construction phase, therefore, it is recommendable to engage industry specialists with a lot of experience who are reliable and capable of proposing solutions even for the unexpected challenging situations, to make sure that the work continues quickly and correctly.


Products for the underground works have unique characteristics due to their complexity during the design phase, but especially because of severe and difficult work environments. This is the reason why the Mapei UTT (Underground Technology Team) was created, as well as dedicated products for all jobsite needs, matching all kind of specifications.


The Underground Technology Team (UTT) is the division of MAPEI dedicated to underground and tunnelling works.

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