Mapei & Italian Chamber of Commerce Singapore (ICCS): Hosts MBA Students from Cuoa business School

June 1, 2023

On Thursday the 1st of June, Mapei Far East played host to the Italian Chamber of Commerce (ICCS) representatives for a class of MBA students visiting from Italy. The students are enrolled in the Cuoa Business School. Besides serving as a cultural exchange session, the tour serves as an introduction of sorts to the students in understanding the significance of Italian businesses in Singapore, specifically Mapei Far East's role.

MBA Students arrive at Mapei Far East
Opening Presentation and Welcome Address
Mini-Discussion, Q&A session
Lab, Warehouse Tour
Catered Lunch – End of Tour

Agenda of Mapei Tour:

The aim of the study tour is to understand the importance of construction sector for the development of ASEAN Region and to understand the investment done by MAPEI in Singapore. Why Singapore is the main HUB for the Southeast Asia Market, how the Singapore government was able to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the country and to understand the investments of Italian companies in Singapore, specifically Mapei's contribution to the construction sector.

The tour started off with a Safety Briefing by Mr Alfian, Senior Manager, R&D Department. Following which, an in-depth Introduction to Mapei Far East by Ms Yap, Senior Manager/Business Head, Ceramic & Resilient Line. The students then had a productive and fruitful Q&A session with Mr Alfian, Ms Yap and Mr Edwin, Marketing Manager.

The students then took a tour of Mapei's laboratory and production facilities, led by the management team and Mr Tay, Deputy Head of Operations. The tour of Mapei's facility is to demonstrate the significance testing plays in Mapei's products, the commitment the technical team delivers to customers and synergistic relationship the production team plays in ensuring products are produced on time and accordance to ISO requirements with the highest quality standards. 


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