MFE Safety Day 2023

May 17, 2023

MFE conducted the Annual Safety Day on 17 May 2023. This year’s focus is on Workplace, Hygiene, Housekeeping, Product and Road Safety. The event started off with an Opening Address by MFE's MD and GM on the importance and the emphasis on everyone taking personal responsibility and adopting a collective awareness not only on controlling real or potential workplace environmental stressors but also, making it everyone's personal mission.

The session then started off with an overview of MFE's Safety and Environment performance in 2022 and safety initiatives in 2022.

Next, the session touched upon the three main topics of the day:

  1. Safety Topic 1: Industrial Hygiene, Housekeeping, & Workplace Safety
  2. Safety Topic 2: MAPEI Product Safety
  3. Health Topic 3: Post-COVID safety: Road safety - (motorcycle & driving safety), health monitoring and screening

To keep the session interactive and to encourage participation, a total of $300 worth of NTUC vouchers were up for grabs! Then, the session moved from the classroom setting to practical application on common safety dangers such as Spill Containment during Production, Forklift Safety in Warehousing operations and Manual Handling in the office

The day ended off with a group photo taking and department phototaking. Everyone can start by adopting a culture of safety through vigilance and following MFE's motto of “Prepare and Prevent instead of Repair and Repent.” Cultivating a culture of safety can only be achieved if eveyone makes workplace safety their priority through a tremendous shift in attitudes and making safety their personal commitment at any location where they are at.

To help employees from Production, Warehousing and the Office departments in this road towards a safer workplace, MFE has already put in place, Safety Champions to help guide assist staff from the respective departments.


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