Mapei Fire Evacuation Drill Exercise June 2023

June 28, 2023

Mapei conducted our Fire Evacuation Drill Exercise on the 28th of June 2023. All employees were involved, including visitors on the premises during the drill and were taught to direct to the nearest evacuation route in the event of a fire. Mapei takes proactive steps towards fire prevention and personnel workplace safety and as such, fire drills will now be conducted twice a year, June and December.


The following areas were covered:

1. Personnel response

2. Occupant/visitor response

3. Personnel familiar with duties

4. Effectiveness of procedures

5. Speed of Evacuation

6. Communication during drill

7. Personnel familiarity with protection systems


Full evacuation time decreased from 4:18 mins. (last drill on Dec. 2022) to 03:12 this drill. This is an improvement.


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