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Using preformed membranes in modern constructions: Soundproofing, Anti-fracture and Waterproofing systems
November 8, 2023

Mapei Singapore recently hosted an enlightening Masterclass Technical Seminar, an exclusive event tailored for our esteemed partners. The gathering saw participation from representatives of more than 10 companies, underscoring the significance of the occasion. The seminar featured distinguished speakers, Marco Albelice and Enrico Geronimi, both seasoned Technical Consultants from Mapei SpA, Milan, Italy. With a wealth of experience exceeding a decade, they brought that wealth of knowledge to share with the engaged audience.


The session started off with Mapei's innovative under screed soundproofing solutions designed to mitigate noise generated by footsteps on tiled or wooden floors. The introduction of products from the Mapesilent range took center stage, showcasing a dry-applied soundproofing system complete with floating screeds installation. This soundproofing product incorporates an elastic-plastomeric membrane sandwiched to a layer of polyester fiber. Beyond Mapesilent, the seminar provided comprehensive insights into various alternative Mapei acoustic solutions aimed at preventing the transmission of diverse sources of noise.


The session then covered Mapei's advancements including the use of preformed and uncoupling membranes such as Mapeguard UM35, to address challenges related to difficult substrates.  Mapeguard UM35 is a membrane made of a layer of honeycomb HDPE with a rough surface and polypropylene fabric backing that allows installing ceramics or stone material on difficult substrates unable to meet the standard requirements.  Mapeguard UM35 has several advantages such as controlling cracks in the substrate, waterproofing and vapor control and has high mechanical strength properties since it is certified as Extra Heavy Commercial Rating according to TCNA test report.


To sum up, participants learned about how the strategic combination of selecting the right preformed membranes and the right adhesives can contribute significantly to achieving these objectives. They also had the opportunity to pose practical questions to common challenges faced to the technical consultants. Kudos to all who turned up for the Masterclass session and we look forward to conducting more seminars like this!

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