ANL applicators embarked on a Waterproofing Journey with Mapei

Here's to the future of waterproofing excellence with ANL and Mapei leading the way! 
March 19, 2024
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Staff from ANL had the incredible opportunity to participate in a comprehensive training session hosted by Mapei, a global leader in the construction industry. The focus? Waterproofing mastery. The session was a perfect blend of theory and hands-on practical demonstrations, equipping our applicators with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their craft.

The day kicked off with an engaging theory session, delving deep into the intricacies of Mapei's cutting-edge waterproofing products. From understanding product usage to deciphering their unique characteristics, application techniques, and even recognizing the limitations, ANL applicators gained invaluable insights that will undoubtedly elevate their work to new heights.

But the real magic happened during the practical demonstration segment, where ANL applicators managed to fine-tune their training with a variety of Mapei's top-notch waterproofing products, courtesy of our technical team. Here's a glimpse of what they got to experience:

Mapethene TA: ANL applicators explored the versatility and reliability of Mapethene TA, learning how to effectively apply it to ensure maximum waterproofing protection in various construction scenarios. It is a APP modified bituminous membrane, applied through torch-on method.

Mapelastic High Flex: With Mapelastic High Flex, ANL applicators learned about the excellent crack-bridging capability can be used together with Mapenet 150 and the amount to be applied.

From start to finish, the training session was a resounding success, thanks to the expertise and guidance provided by Mapei's seasoned professionals. ANL applicators left feeling empowered and inspired, armed with newfound knowledge and skills to tackle any waterproofing challenge that comes their way.

Here's to the future of waterproofing excellence with ANL and Mapei leading the way! Stay tuned for more exciting updates as our applicators continue to raise the bar in the construction industry.✨🏗️💧

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