Acid-based cleaner for ceramic tiling. Particularly suitable for removing efflorescent salt and the final cleaning of terracotta. As a powder concentrated) or liquid (15% water solution).

Cleaning traces of cement, lime, efflorescence, residues of cementitious adhesives and grouts from the surfaces of ceramic tiles and mosaics on floors and walls. Cleaning terracotta before the final surface treatment.
Cleaning stonework except marble and other calcareous stones.
N.B. Before application make sure the surfaces to be cleaned are acid-resistant.

Technical data:
pH of the liquid: 1.13.
Waiting time before rinsing: 5 minutes depending on the concentration of the dirt; repeat application until stains are removed. Rinse thoroughly and repeatedly with plenty of water once finished.
Storage: 24 months.

depending on need.

- concentrated powder: 4x5 and 18x1 kg packs;
- ready-to-use liquid: 25-10-5 kg drums; 12x1 kg packs;
- bottles with nebulizer: 0.75 kg.

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