Two-component epoxy coating in water dispersion with a gloss finish to form smooth films of resin coating. Specifically developed for coating the surface of walls and ceilings in clean rooms.
Consistency of mix: thick liquid.
Colour: RAL colours. Please contact head office for the complete range.
Application: two coats of the product with a short-pile roller or by airless spray.
Consumption: coating film, approx. 0.20-0.25 kg/m² per coat.
Concentration of airborne particles (ISO 14644-1): ISO Class 5.
VOC emissions (ISO 14644-8): ISO-ACCm Class -7.1.
Storage: 24 months in its original packaging in a dry place at a temperature of at least +10°C.
Packaging: 11 kg kits (A+B); (comp. A = 2.5 kg; comp. B = 8.5 kg)

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