One-component, fluid, polyurethane sealant with a low modulus of elasticity, for flooring joints subject to movements of up to 25%

Mapeflex PU 50 SL is a one component, flexible polyurethane-based sealant which is easy to apply, for use on horizontal surfaces or surfaces with a maximum slope of 2%.
Mapeflex PU 50 SL is used for sealing expansion and distribution joints in internal and external horizontal surfaces subject to movements of up to 25% of their original size under continuous use.
Mapeflex PU 50 SL bonds well to concrete and natural stone substrates, even if they have not previously been primed. However, we recommend the use of Primer AS if the surface is not solid enough, if it has a slightly powdery surface or if the joints are subject to high mechanical stress or frequent, prolonged contact with liquids. If Mapeflex PU 50 SL is applied on surfaces which are not absorbent, such as iron, steel, aluminium, copper, ceramic, glass or zinc-plated or painted sheet, adhesion may be improved if the material is treated with Primer M.
The product is ready to use and is available in recyclable aluminium tubes, equipped with a special extrusion gun which makes the product particularly easy to use.
Mapeflex PU 50 SL is classified F - 25LM in compliance with ISO 11600 standards.

Technical data:
Elongation at breakage: > 1000%.
Movement when in service: ± 25%.
Set to light foot traffic: 24 hours.
Ready for use: according to the depth of the joint.
Shore A hardness: 18.
Colour: grey.
Application: by extrusion.
Storage: 12 months.

Consumption: depends on the size of the joint.

Packaging: 600 ml cartridges.

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