Two-component, solvent-free, epoxy resin for roller coat system.

Mapefloor I 312 is a two-component epoxy formulation suitable for roller coat application with an attractive smooth or anti-slip finish.

Mapefloor I 312 is a two-component, fillerized, epoxy resin formula developed in the MAPEI research laboratories.

Mapefloor I 312 is highly versatile and may be applied as a roller coat or anti-slip textured coating.

Mapefloor I 312 is safe for the environment and contains no nonylphenol, which makes it particularly suitable for the foodstuffs industry. After application, surfaces are seamless and flat with a highly attractive finish.

Mapefloor I 312 SL is strong, has resistance to chemicals and wear.

Mapefloor I 312 (neutral)
20 kg kits:
- component A = 16 kg;
- component B = 4 kg.

Mapefloor I 312 (pre-coloured)
21.75 kg kits
- component A = 17.75 kg;
- component B = 4 kg.

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