Dry soundproofing system for floating screeds made from high density, closed-cell foam polyethylene sandwiched to a special protective film.
Thickness: 6 mm.
Compressibility (reduction in thickness when under load for a period of time): < 8%.
Thermal conductivity - λ: 0.04 W/mK.
Water vapour diffusion resistence factor - µ: > 2000.
Dynamic stiffness for calculation purposes (S’): 50 MN/m³.
Calculated reductions of impact noise from footsteps (∆Lw): 23,5 dB.
Calculated noise level index of impact noise from footsteps (L’n,w): 58 dB (*).
Measured noise level index of impact noise from footsteps (L’n,w): 57 dB (*).
(*) calculations and testing carried out on a 20+4 cm thick brick/cement floor slab, a 10 cm levelling layer over the system, a 5 cm thick cementitious screed and ceramic flooring.

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