Slow setting thixotropic epoxy putty for levelling concrete surfaces.
MapeWrap 12 is a two-component product based on epoxy resins, selected fine aggregate and special additives.
MapeWrap 12 is used to level concrete surfaces or reinforced concrete structures that need to be repaired or reinforced by bonding with MapeWrap fabric.
Thanks to the extended workability time, 60 minutes at 23°C, the use of MapeWrap 12 is recommended during the summer season or when large surface areas need to be levelled.
Pour part B into part A and mix with a drill fitted with a stirrer until completely smooth.
Mixing ratio: 3 parts by weight of part A and 1 part by weight of part B.
MapeWrap 12 may be applied over concrete, stone or metal with a flat or notched trowel, after first priming the substrate with MapeWrap Primer 1.

1.5-1.6 kg/m2 per mm of thickness.

2 kg (A B);
6 kg (A B).

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