One-component cementitious mortar with high bonding strength for interior and exterior smoothing of rough surfaces and for finishing walls (fine texture effect).
Planitop 200 is used to smooth slightly rough outdoor and indoor walls that will be covered with ceramics or paint.
Planitop 200 is especially suitable to smooth defects in old coloured cementitious renders, lime and cement based painted renders, wooden substrates, gypsum board (after applying Primer G), concrete and old mosaic coverings as long as well anchored.
By mixing Planitop 200 with 20-23% clean water (5-5.75 l for a 25 kg bag) a textured mortar is obtained that is easily applied by trowel. Thickness up to 3 mm per layer can be obtained. Once applied, the product can be finished with a moist sponge float and then decorated and protected with one of the coloured finishing compounds of the following products' lines: Elastocolor, Silexcolor, Silancolor, Quarzolite or Colorite.
Planitop 200 complies with the requirements of EN 1504-2 coating (C) according to principles MC and IR for protecting concrete and is classified as GP ("General purpose mortar for internal/external render"), category CS IV according to EN 998-1.

Available in grey and white.

1.3 kg/m2 per mm of thickness.

25 kg bags.

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