Two-component, high-ductility cementitious mortar with a pozzolanic-reaction binder base, applied at a maximum thickness of 25 mm, for levelling off stone, brick and tuff substrates before laying Mapegrid G 120 or Mapegrid G 220.
Planitop HDM Maxi may be used on its own as a filler mortar or to repair brickwork, stone and tuff ceilings; further advantages are gained if used in conjunction with Mapegrid G 120 or Mapegrid G 220, a special, alkali-resistant, primed glass fibre mesh for structural reinforcement applications.
Thanks to its high content of synthetic resin, Planitop HDM Maxi has high bonding strength and, what is more, once hardened, forms a tough, compact, layer which is impermeable to water and harmful gases present in the atmosphere and is resistant to freeze-thaw cycles.
Planitop HDM Maxi is supplied in kits of two pre-dosed components, which must be mixed together without adding either water or any other ingredient. Once mixed, apply the mortar by trowel on the surface to be repaired and levelled off; the surface must be perfectly clean, solid and saturated beforehand with water or in case of very absorbent surfaces, primed with Primer G.
Maximum applicable thickness per layer: 25 mm.
Apply the product using a flat trowel, then smooth over using a sponge float before it starts setting.
Planitop HDM Maxi meets the minimum requirements of EN 1504-3 for R2-class non structural mortars.

1.85 kg/m2 per mm of thickness.

25 kg bags 6.75 kg drums.

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