Aqueous acrylic primer with excellent penetration effect for dusty screeds.

Where to use:
Consolidation of unsound substrates. Preparation of unsound screed surfaces before the installation of wooden flooring with vinyl adhesives. Primer for cementitious smoothing compounds.

Technical data:
Consistency: liquid.
Colour: opalescent.
Flammability: no.
Application temperature range: from 10°C to 35°C.
Dilution: no, 1:1 or 1:2 with water depending on the absorption of the substrate.
Drying time: 1-5 days.
Waiting time before laying with vinyl adhesives: when dry.
Storage: 12 months.
Application: roller, large brush, brush or watering can.

0.1-0.5 kg/m2.

10 and 5 kg drums.

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