SPIDER P and SPIDER P MINERAL are high quality self-adhesive bituminous membranes made with ADESO® technology, the new compound layering system from Polyglass SpA. SPIDER P and SPIDER P MINERAL are made from an plastomeric compound (APP) reinforced with a staple non-woven polyester fabric reinforced and stabilized with longitudinal glass threads. This reinforcement allows the product an excellent dimensional stability and mechanical performance and good working capabilities on-site. SPIDER P is protected by a polyethylene film on its upper side while the upper side of the mineral version is protected by an even layer of natural coloured mineral slate chips. The upper side also features FASTLap®, the innovative patented granule-free endlap, and the membranes are also provided with SEALLap® treatment for better selvedge bonding. This patented treatment guarantee excellent membrane bonding even in the most difficult situations. SPIDER P and SPIDER P MINERAL have an adhesive underside protected by a mono-silicone coated polyethylene film to be removed at the time of application.

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