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Refuerzo de hormigón estructural con placas de protulsión o tela de fibra de carbono
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High strength uni-directional continuous carbon fibre fabric with high and very high moduls of elasticity.
MapeWrap C UNI-AX and MapeWrap C UNI-AX HM are uni-directional continuous carbon fibre fabrics characterised by high (230,000 N/mm²) and very high (390,000 N/mm²) modulus of elasticity and high tensile strength.
The fabrics are suitable for repairing reinforced concrete structures damaged by physical-mechanical action, for confinement of axial loaded concrete elements or concrete elements subjected to compressive and bending stress and for seismic strengthening in earthquake areas.
They can be placed using two different methods: the wet system and the dry system using a specific and complete range of epoxy resins made up of MapeWrap Primer 1 to prime the substrate, MapeWrap 11 or MapeWrap 12 for smoothing, MapeWrap 21 (wet system) and MapeWrap 31 (dry system) for the impregnation of the fabric.

boxes containing one 50 m long roll.
MapeWrap C UNI-AX and MapeWrap C UNI-AX HM are available in two basic weights (300 and 600 g/m²) and each type with different widths (10, 20 and 40 cm):
- MapeWrap C UNI-AX 300/10:50 m x 10 cm rolls (300 g/m²);
- MapeWrap C UNI-AX 300/20:50 m x 20 cm rolls (300 g/m²);
- MapeWrap C UNI-AX 300/40:50 m x 40 cm rolls (300 g/m²);
- MapeWrap C UNI-AX 600/10:50 m x 10 cm rolls (600 g/m²);
- MapeWrap C UNI-AX 600/20:50 m x 20 cm rolls (600 g/m²);
- MapeWrap C UNI-AX 600/40:50 m x 40 cm rolls (600 g/m²).
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