Putting the Proof in Waterproofing

Waterproofing is essential to the success of interior, exterior and submerged installations, and MAPEI offers a complete line of products to address system design. Whether you are installing tile in a pool or over occupied space (such as balconies and roof decks) where primary waterproofing is the base for a system installation, MAPEI provides the solution to a secure – and dry – start.

22-2530 Waterproofing systems

Waterproofing systems


22-2530 Time-saving



22-2530 High-performance




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Reference Projects

Category icon COMMERCIAL

The Alise Hotel

San Francisco, USA

Installation of floors

Category icon COMMERCIAL

Commercial Bay

Auckland, New Zealand

SURFACE PREPARATION, SEALANTS APPLICATION, Installation of floors, Waterproofing Systems

Category icon RESIDENTIAL

Airdale Apartments

Auckland, New Zealand

New Building, Installation of floors, Floor/wall covering, Waterproofing Systems


O'Hare International Airport Terminal 5

Chicago, USA

Floor/wall covering

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From the basics to top-level advanced, this article covers a range of information about waterproofing pits in structures.

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