Super-plasticizers based on a modified acrylic polymer
for ready-mix concrete with low water/cement ratio, extremely high mechanical strength and long slump retention

Where to use
Dynamon SR3 is particularly suitable for ready-mix concrete and wherever there is need for strong water reduction. Dynamon SR3 enhances ready mix concrete with the following properties:
• high mechanical performance with long maintenance of consistency class;
• waterproof and durable structures, according to the exposure classed in the EN 206-1 standard;
• characteristics strength class (Rck) in the range 25-40 N/mm2;
• self-compacting concretes, together with Viscofluid SCC and Viscofluid SCC/10.

Dosage by volume:
– For traditional systems: 0.5-1 l per 100 kg of cement.
– For self-compacting concrete 0.5-1 l per 100 kg of fine particles (maximum 0.1 mm diameter).

• 25 kg drum
• 200 l drum
• 1000 l mega drum
• in bulk.

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