Infosys SDB-4 Building

Location icon Pune, India
Infosys SDB 4 building is located in Infosys Phase 2 campus. The SDB 4 building is iconic as other building of Pune campus. The SDB- 4 buidling consist of Metal roof of 2200 Sq.m. The Metal roof has several water leakages and was difficult to treat with conventional methods since years. Mapei Purtop 400 system at metal roofs has been installed previous year and ensured no more water leakages for this iconic structure.
Số tham chiếu: 852713
Danh mục: THƯƠNG MẠI

Xây dựng

Kho bãi Infosys is a software multinational from india, this site is the training centre of Infosys in Pune.
Vị trí Pune, India
Ứng dụng Installation of Polyurea waterproofing on Concrete Terraces & Metal Roofs
Loại ứng dụng ChỐng thẤm
Project Manager Mr.Rupesh Shah
Điều phối MAPEI Vishal Nalgirakr & Dinesh Deore

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