Vữa epoxy ba thành phần, dùng cho sàn chống axít và chống mài mòn.
Mapefloor EP19 SP is used as an acid-resistant, wear-resistant protection of concrete structures, for example bearings for crane and bridge crane runways, beds for sewage treatment machinery, ramps, etc.
Mapefloor EP19 SP is suitable for rebuilding the corners of expansion joints in damaged industrial concrete flooring due to the impact of trucks, forklifts, etc.
Prepare Mapefloor EP19 SP by mixing parts A and B, then add part C (the powdered component).
Apply Mapefloor EP19 SP after the substrate has been impregnated with Primer SN. Tamp and float finish with a metal trowel.
Thi công: with flat trowel.
Lượng dùng:
Mapefloor EP19 SP: 20 kg/m2 per cm of thickness.
Primer SN: 0.20-0.30 kg/m, depending on the absorbency of substrate.
Đóng gói:
Mapefloor EP19 SP: 55.5 kg (TP A: 4 kg, TP B: 1.5 kg, TP C: 2 x bao 25 kg);
Primer SN: 20 kg (TP A: 16 kg, TP B: 4 kg).

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