One-component trowellable coarse-textured cementitious paste applied in layers up to 2 mm thick to create decorative floors with a trowelled or mottled effect.
Consistency: powder.
Colour: white or natural.
Bulk density: 1,100 kg/m³.
Mixing ratio: approx. 25-29 parts of water per 100 parts by weight of ULTRATOP LOFT F.
Workability time: 20 minutes.
Setting time: 80 minutes.
Set to foot traffic: 3 hours.
Compressive strength at +23°C after 28 days: 25 N/mm².
Flexural strength at +23°C after 28 days: 10 N/mm².
Abrasion resistance - Taber abrasion meter (H22 disk, 500 g, 200 revs) after 28 days: 500 mg.
Abrasion resistance class (Böhme test) after 28 days: A9.
Application: smooth steel, Teflon or rubber trowel.
Consumption: 0.7-1 kg/m².
Packaging: 20 kg bags. Kits containing 4x5 kg alupacks.

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