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MTI-TV #13: Choosing the right caulk/sealant
Sam and Jim discuss the differences between silicone and acrylic caulks.
MTI-TV #12 – Wood-floor finishing made easy with Ultracoat®
Sam and Tony discuss wood-floor finishing products.
MTI-TV: Quick render mortar with Planitop® 330 Fast
Sam describes render mortars and the importance of a flat substrate. To learn more about Planitop® 330 Fast and all MAPEI surface-preparation products, visit
MTI-TV: Skimcoating and patching with Planiprep™ SC
Sam discusses the product features and importance of a flat substrate.
MTI-TV #11: Choosing the right tile/stone sealer
MTI TV #10 Special Episode On Location Coverings 2018
Product Spotlight - Ultraplan Easy
MTI -TV - Product Spotlight - Mapeguard UM
MTI TV 8 Technical Institutes
MTI TV #9 Tackling Grout Haze the UltraCare Way
Mapelastic CI - MTI TV - Product spotlight
MTI-TV 7 Selecting Mortars by ANSI and ISO Standard
MTI-TV Product Spotlight - Mapelastic AquaDefense
Special episode on location – Tile over tile installation
MT-TV #5 - Understanding and Applying Thin pane
MTI-TV #4 - Grouting for Success
MTI-TV Product Spotlight: MAPEI Ultralite Mortar Pro
MTI-TV Product Spotlight: MAPEI Flexcolor CQ
MTI-TV #3 - Using Large and Heavy Tile Mortars
MT-TV #2 - Self Leveler Underlayment Application
MTI-TV #1 - Self Leveler Underlayment Prep