Over the last 50 years Mapei has become a global leader in concrete admixtures and fibres, through internal development, strategic technology advances and international acquisitions. 

These products are a critical component to improve the quality of the material and structures in concrete production plants, precast industry and construction jobsites. 

Mapei was the first company outside of Japan to develop, patent, and launch PCE-based admixtures, which dramatically enhanced concrete design and placement. 

Admixtures are formulated to reduce the water demand, improve the workability and durability of concrete structures

In addition to water reducers, Mapei has developed a full range of ancillary products to support all aspects of production and construction.  

The unique capabilities of these centers of excellence in chemistry, technology, and analysis combine with the passion of our concrete engineers who work in more than 30 laboratories across five continents, working hand in hand with our local teams. 

The latest addition is our fibre technology, which optimizes the service life of a structure whilst increasing safety (removing manual work at the site) and reducing the carbon footprint.  

We remain committed to innovation through our activities in the Central R&D lab in Milan and the support of the regional/local R&D centers across our global operations. We are strongly connected to the scientific and standardization communities in many different countries.
The philosophy driving the group is MAPEI’s utmost care for the quality of its formulations and for customer satisfaction. We focus on selecting raw materials that ensure constant quality. The goal is to “deliver quality”, support our customers, and be a strong, reliable partner to the construction industry. 

In the last few years, we have successfully tackled the biggest challenge of our times: sustainability has become key to meet the changing demands of the industry in general and the concrete industry in particular. 

ReCon Zero was the first system for recycling concrete, followed closely by ReCon AGG for recycled aggregate from demolished structures