It is a well-known Hardware and Software System designed to manage a concrete mixing plant. It is a widespread tool for controlling concrete production. The system is continuously updated and has evolved in terms of speed and accuracy of calculation. 

eBATCH is state of the art when it comes to the search for a highly precise, evolved and reliable system.
The core system is an entire suite of intuitive and fully integrated products lines ranging from a mix design management tool to a pre-invoicing interface, including an effective product quality control process through consistency measurement.

General architecture

  • Integration management with software
  • Centrally managed automatic updates of the plant software
  • Multi-plant management through Rt-Sync
  • Remote management of unmanned plants


  • Tolerance control on weighting
  • Drop control (manually or by self-learning)
  • Archived criteria (dosage) of extraction and discharge in truck mixer, which can be associated with the recipes
  • Automated vibration control on aggregates and cements without product on all components
  • Slowdown speed control during extraction of aggregates and cement

Consistency control

  • Manual/automatic aggregates’ moisture compensation (moisture probes are required)
  • Hygrometer management
  • Densimeter management
  • Wattmeter management
  • Quality control of concrete
  • Management of the inventory stock and reordering of products
  • A dynamic way with one or more deliveries (charges, pre-filled delivery notes, operational sequences, priorities etc.)

Control of all sensors in the plant, such as

  • anti-clogging
  • anti-slip
  • (continuous or helix) levels
  • temperature sensors

Data and Quality management

  • Materials input management
  • Stock detection management
  • Event analysis register
  • Reporting functions

Connected to ED SM II system (through the appropriate option), it updates and optimizes in real and dynamic time, the operational sequence according to the availability of truck mixers.