Casting and curing 

The short period from casting until the concrete reaches a strength of 5- 20MPa is critical to the end quality of the construction. Temperature and curing conditions will affect the hardening rate, which is crucial to the production rate in a precast concrete factory or a ready mixed concrete project. Good curing conditions: improve the quality, reduce the need for cement and heating.

Securing proper curing conditions is crucial to quality, saves costs and reduces the carbon footprint. 



Protect the concrete to secure good curing conditions 

Curing is all about avoiding evaporation and temperature loss during the hardening process. Proper curing conditions help to: 
  • Reduce evaporation 
  • Reduce loss of heat and prevent freezing 
  • Prevent cracks from plastic shrinkage 
  • Develop Improve strength faster development 
  • Get strong and durable concrete surfaces 
  • Save the heat from fresh concrete and heat from hardening process 
  • Prevent dusting due to weak surfaces 
  • Get stronger surfaces with improved aesthetics 
Curing must start immediately after casting of the concrete. The Mapecure system provides the best curing solution for all situations.   

Monitoring casting and curing conditions 


By GPS transmission the data is stored in the cloud, and accessible from anywhere. 

Concrete monitoring helps you to: 

  • Predict the actual strength of concrete 
  • Optimise production rate in the precast factory and on-site casting 
  • Control that the construction is not exposureed to frost in the early stage 
  • Control maximum temperature , and often more importantly the temperature gradient between the centre and the surface.