It is well known that good concrete produced in the plant can be spoiled during its delivery. ED SM II guarantees the respect and application of the proper delivery procedures, monitoring and preserving the slump of the concrete mix during transportation.

ED SM II is the first smart data collection unit specifically designed for installation on truck mixers.

The System can work either automatically, if interfaced to the existing batch automation, or manually as stand-alone.

Main features:

  • Web based
  • Closes the loop that starts with raw material selection, optimizing the mix design and the automated concrete production, by monitoring the mix characteristics during load, transport and pouring on the delivery site
  • Allows a gradual reduction in the variability of concrete mixes, leading to a reduction of ce-ment over/dosage, and reducing the risk of disputes on the product quality
  • Optimizes loading times at the plant and mix homogenization times at pouring site
  • Traces and documents the modifications made to the concrete mix on the pouring site
  • Recognizes truck’s correct positioning and unique ID at the loading point, allowing fully auto-mated, operator-independent loading procedures
  • Is compatible with any automatic batching control system, through the SM-DRIVER software
  • Works and can be configured without a link to the mobile network, at no operational costs. Allows geographic localization of the trucks through the mobile network, and automatically stores the route taken by the driver
  • Guarantees low operating costs


"T" hydraulic pressure gauge junction for drum’s hydraulic pressure detection.


Truck mounted control unit: the black box

  • Logic and Data storage
  • Truck mounted sensors
  • Wi-fi module for batch automation pc data exchange
  • Bluetooth connected to the plant trans-receiver
  • GPRS/UMTS/3G/4G modem for GPS tracking and communication
  • ED truck app communication
Mixing drum rotation direction and speed sensor. Automatic detection of transportation phases.
Pulse launcher for water addition monitoring.
Pump counter for super-plasticizing admixtures
Plant trans-receiver

Which data are collected and stored?

At loading

  • Date, time, customer, recipe, delivered qty, delivery note nr., truck ID
  • Slump at loading point (gauge and drum’s rpm included)
  • Concrete temperature at the loading point
  • During transport
  • Gauge and drum’s rpm

At site

  • Jobsite arrival time
  • Added volume of superplasticiser to adjust slump back to initial or ordered
  • Optional: added volume of second admixture (accelerator, VMA, etc)
  • Added admixture or water requested by the customer will be documented separately
  • Start pour time
  • Concrete temperature at pouring
  • End pour time

After delivery

  • If drum is emptied: added water to the drum during washing. This provides the opportunity to automatically detract water from the next batch
  • If concrete is returned: Approximately volume of retuned concrete. This provides the opportunity to recycle the concrete by Re-Con Zero EVO, block casting, etc.
  • Total distance is reported for the environmental declaration (carbon print from transport)
All the information is real-time transferred to the plant through a data exchange sim card, otherwise through the plant’s wi-fi connection once re-entering.

The producer, customer, consultant etc. can access all quality data in real time. The system brings the site to your office, or home office. You don’t have to wait weeks quality data reports or environmental information, you have it in seconds after the truck has ended pouring.

How the process looks?

The Bluetooth communication allows the System the unique identification of the truck which is loaded only once the pre-set rpm and correct rotating direction of the drum at loading are detected.

During that phase, the System displays at the control room the current Slump value and transfers to the truck mounted microprocessor all the needed parameters to monitor the delivery as well as the gauge-to-slump correlation curve to be used during the homogenization process before pouring.

What about the truck tracking?

The on-board-integrated modem and the entire equipment, offer real-time geographical truck positioning with driven routes displayed on continuously updated web-based maps identifying any phase through different colours (loading at the plant, routing to the site, arrival at the job site, waiting before pouring, start of the pour, termination of the pour, return to the plant, at plant waiting for the next load).

This scenario includes the specific APP providing the driver not only the route to the destination, but further features such as the messaging with the plant or the visualization of the mix parameters on the go.

Tracing the truck’s routes allows to capture duration, costs, and carbon emissions of each transport.

How the system can influence the batching process?

The exact tracking of the transportation process allows the plant operator to advance the scales’ loading for the truck next to come.
The same System offers precious information in case of Elettrondata’s Dispatch System, which will real-time optimize and organize orders and routes.

In case of water from washing is inside the drum, the eBatch system can use that water for the next batch skipping the washout phase and saving minutes every load.

How the system is helpful to the technician?

The detected slump loss, added volume of superplasticizer, are feedback parameters the technologist can match with the theoretical values arisen during the study of the mix. This allows a constant quality improvement process.

Installation time?

6 to 8 hours per truck and 2-3 days for each loading point.