Concrete is a construction material composed of fine and coarse aggregates, water and cementitious materials. Mapei offers a wide range of products specifically designed for the enhancement of the properties of concrete. 

A state-of-the-art concrete mix design starts from the raw materials selection. 

By targeted use of chemical admixtures, the concrete will meet the highest standards of performance, economy and sustainability



Reducing cement and reducing
the carbon footprint 

High-range water reducers like our Dynamon products provide superior performance and a sound combination of economy and sustainability. Less Portland cement means lower CO2 emissions and unlocking significant economic savings. 

Ready-mixed concrete: 

Dynamon SR, Dynamon SX and Dynamon XTend are specially designed for the ready-mix industry’s need for controlled slump retention. 

Precast concrete: 

Dynamon NRG products are ideal for the precast industry demands of high production rates and fast curing.



Is an application for concrete design. It guides and assists the technologist in optimizing the mix proportion. 

It was developed by a team of concrete technology experts, with a focus on quality control, management of laboratories and large production activities. 



Control setting and hardening 

Cement by itself offers a standardized setting and hardening performances, which translates into potential issues in the presence of specific climate conditions or specific requirements. When longer workability open times, or early age hardening are required, Mapei offers a wide range of solutions, including the Mapetard line for retarding, and the Mapefast line for hardening or set accelerators. 
Controlled setting and hardening results in higher quality concrete structures, improved productivity and cement reductions to save cost and reduce carbon emissions. 

Stability – pumping – self compacting concrete 


Currently, a lack of filler in the mix design causes an unnecessary large volume utilization. 

Mapei viscosity modifying agents mitigate this issue. Suitable products are pure VMAs like Mapecrete V3K or combined VMAs and high range water reducers like Dynamon CRC

Reducing cement by the use of VMAs cuts cost and the concrete carbon footprint



Alkali-silica reaction mitigation 


Where highly alkaline cements are mixed with aggregates containing amorphous silica, the detrimental effect known as alkali-silica reaction (ASR) can occur. 

To prevent such harmful situations, Mapei offers products designed to mitigate the alkali-silica reaction, ASR Mitigator. 

Using the local aggregate reduce cost, reduced transport and improves the carbon footprint. 


Allianz Tower by Isozaki & Maffei, CityLife district, Milan (Italy).

Among many others, Mapei supplied this project with a mineral addition for concrete, namely Mapeplast PZ 300, specifically developed for the massive foundation pour, where there was the need for superior control of the differential temperatures of hydration. Also, thanks to the use of Mapeplast PZ 300, the GWP (Global Warming Potential) of the foundations mix design was dropped down to 217 kg of CO2 eq./m3. Allianz Tower is a building designed for LEED certification at gold level.