Elettrondata – Mapei

Elettrondata is the European leader in supplying integrated automation systems to improve efficiency in ready-mixed and precast concrete production.

Elettrondata solutions are customized and adapted to the production process of each customer. They result from years of expertise and experience capable of controlling, supervising, regulating, and optimizing each phase of the production process.

Elettrondata is part of the Aliante Group, an international Holding Company investing in Europe, the USA, and Canada with more than 18 portfolio companies active in several sectors. The overall turnover 500 million USD.

The Elettrondata Automation process is set to reach all the users of the concrete industry. Over the years, Elettrondata has automated 7,000 plants, more than 4000 over the last nine years.
Mapei is a world-leading supplier of admixtures for concrete and fibre technology.

Mapei has developed a full range of ancillary products to support all the steps of concrete production and use.

Mapei focuses on a sustainable concrete industry, a circular economy addressing the ever-changing requirements of the concrete industry.

Mapei operates more than 30 R&D and technical service laboratories in all five continents.

Concrete Industry Solutions

Mapei Concrete Industry Solutions is the combination of Elettrondata process automation technology and the Mapei concrete technology.
  • Improved quality
  • Optimized process
  • Cost reduction
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Improved health and safety
  • Constant improvement by machine learning
  • Instant documentation
  • Bringing the site to the (home)office