• Represents the ultimate solution for management and optimization of ready mixed concrete deliveries
  • Over 20 years of experience from the field
  • Instant exchange of information with customers and key users
  • Simple, flexible, scalable, and reliable architecture
  • Complete integrated system
  • Encompasses all the critical phases and activities of the delivery process
  • Optimizes, reduces costs and improves management
  • Ensures proper profiling, thus grouping the software functionalities into subsets suitable for different professional roles
  • Managing and organizing a large number of orders can be difficult even for the most experienced operators
  • With Elettrondata Area Dispatch, everything becomes simpler, intuitive, and immediate

Key features:

  • Server or cloud-based architecture
  • User management with policies and controls
  • Management of single or multiple areas
  • Offline working mode with data reconciliation
  • Modular and vertical scalability of system modules
Main functionalities:
  • Management of multiple orders and deliveries
  • Remote orders directly to plant for automatic loading based on time of delivery and availability of vehicles
  • Optimizing planning algorithm based on machine learning
  • Vehicle tracking and real-time scheduling
  • Map fleet tracking and status display
  • Map visualization of concrete plants, construction sites, and vehicle status report
  • Report of returned concrete
  • Plant production chart, order/delivery status report by plant, area, and vehicle
  • Sales and pre-invoicing module
  • Price lists
  • Cost estimation
  • Credit limit management at order entry
  • Validation and confirmation of transport documents generated automatically with quantity, services, and prices
  • Pre-invoicing
  • Export to accounting systems through File, SQL, web services, etc.