Moisture Probes

Microwave probes measure the amount of water inside material

Probes measure the water content in aggregates. They are based on microwave technology, the most advanced used technology.

The flexibility of our solutions allows the application and installation in weighing hoppers, or on conveyor belts.

Main characteristics

  • Moisture contained in a material
  • Easy and intuitive calibration
  • Measurement in static or moving materials
  • Compatible with any type of system, new or existing
  • Up to 16 probes can be installed with only one connecting cable
  • Direct configuration interface from PLC or PC
  • UL certified

Resistive probes for humidity measurement

Elettrondata deals with conductivity probes, a more traditional technology that is appropriate in some cases. They are installed in the aggregates compartment or a weighing tank. They are equipped with a mounting flange that allows adjustment of the inclination and the insertion depth.