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Our first Sustainability report

For the first time, Mapei AS has decided to continue sharing the results achieved in the field of sustainability and to share with its stakeholders the activities undertaken to monitor and reduce the impact of production processes and products on the environment, to promote the activities of its employees and support local communities to achieve satisfying economic results.

Letter to the stakeholder


2020 was unprecedented, almost entirely dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic which devastated Italy and the whole world, changing everyone’s priorities and severely testing not only every country’s health service, but also their entire economies.

This change in perspective meant that companies, businesses and institutions had to be exceptionally reactive and flexible, an acceleration into the digital sphere that could represent an epoch-defining change for our country in both technological and cultural terms towards sustainable development. In this challenging context Mapei, firmly convinced that the path towards sustainability has to include research and innovation, was not found to be lacking. Thanks to investments in our production facilities, digitalisation and training, we managed to maintain a high level of efficiency, safety and quality, even with these new ways of working dictated by the pandemic. In spite of the difficult conditions globally, we are proud of the results we achieved thanks to what is now our consolidated corporate strategy of InternationalisationSpecialisationResearch and Development and Sustainability, fundamental characteristics of an efficient production and marketing system.

This has enabled Mapei to continue to be an active member of the community and to provide sponsorship to help support numerous hospitals, putting themselves at the side of medical staff and all those who found themselves exposed, and still find themselves exposed today, in the front line of the battle against the virus.

Special thanks must go to all the members of the great "Mapei Family" in particular, to whom we wish to express our thanks for the seriousness and dedication they have always shown us and for their commitment and support that are enabling us to continue our work, even in such difficult times.

In fact Mapei, which in 2020 had more than 10,600 employees around the world and a turnover of 2.8 billion Euros, never stopped because of the pandemic and continued their operations and manufacturing in complete safety, not only to support their subsidiaries and guarantee the supply of products to our clients all around the world, but also to prevent the interruption of important strategic national construction sites and infrastructure works. In this difficult moment for Italy and the entire world, we have managed to maintain our passion, commitment, transparency, talent and competitiveness, the values that have always made us stand out and that make us perfect team members for each and every one of our stakeholders: from clients to suppliers and to all those people and organisations we collaborate with.

In fact, for more than eighty years Mapei has been striving to guarantee "constant quality" for the market, for buyers, for the environment and for our collaborators. The attention Mapei Group reserves for all aspects of its employees’ life at work, and not only at work, has been acknowledged this year by the market research group ITQF (Istituto Tedesco Qualità e Finanza), in their "Italy’s Best Employers for Women" rankings, which includes Mapei amongst the best two hundred employers for women in Italy. Also in 2020, thanks to our desire to play a part in improving the environment, we took great steps forward in reducing our impact on the environment towards a circular economy by containing consumption of raw material entering our facilities and maximising the recovery and reuse of waste by-products. Because of the particular context, the issue of Circular Economy took on even more significance when carrying out the annual review of Mapei Group materiality matrix, not only to confirm the growing amount of interest in the issue shown by our stakeholders, but above all to demonstrate the high level of commitment in this direction throughout the whole of Mapei and to illustrate the important results we have obtained and that have enabled us to win the "Best Performer in the circular economy 2019/2020" award.

Lastly, 2020 was also the year in which Mapei decided to extend their reporting on sustainability by assisting several pilot European countries in the drafting of their own local Sustainability Report, which is attached to the annual Sustainability Report for Mapei Italy organisation published by Mapei Group. So it is with enormous pride that we present you the first Mapei AS Sustainability Report.

Veronica & Marco Squinzi

Corporate CEOs

Sustainability figures

All figures refer to the entire Mapei AS framework


Million euros distributed to
stakeholders in 2020


Million euros
invested in
r&d in 2020


Hours of technical


Partecipants in 2020


of purchased goods (in weight)
from local suppliers in 2020


Employees in 2020


Incident rate in 2020


New employees
hiring rate in 2020


left in 2020


Of employees with a permanent
work contract


Hours of training
for employees


Euros contributed
for sporting, cultural
and social initiatives

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