Architectural CAD/Spec Guide
Design professionals and contractors can access MAPEI’s Architectural CAD/Spec Guide to select CADs and specifications for ceramic and stone tile installation using any one of three methods:
  • Keyword search (floors, walls, interior, exterior, etc.)
  • Method search (TCNA and TTMAC method numbers)
  • Installation category search (bathroom floor, shower wall, balcony deck, etc.)
First, click on a method (or insert a keyword) and follow the pop-up screens to the desired CAD and specification. After the installation method is selected, direct access is available to:
  • A downloadable PDF of the CAD and specification
  • A downloadable AutoCAD (DWG file) for the method
  • Technical Data Sheets for MAPEI products listed in the CAD and specification
  • A tool that generates LEED certification letters for MAPEI products listed
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