Keraflex Mortarswith High-Transfer Technology

Innovation • Simplification • Consolidation

  • Smooth and extra creamy
  • Tenacious bond strength
  • Outstanding nonsag/nonslump performance
  • Works well with edge-leveling clips

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Learn how MAPEI’s High-Transfer Technology gives the Keraflex family of polymer-enhanced mortars tenacious bond strength while retaining impressive non-sag/nonslump properties.

“This product wets out the backs of tiles amazing. Great for installing large tiles.”  Martin, general contractor

Keraflex is the smoothest mortar on the market, making my long work hours more bearable.”  Pat, professional tile installer

  • Extra smooth High-Transfer Technology for outstanding transfer of mortar to tile backs, while retaining impressive non-sag/nonslump properties
  • High-bond adhesion strength perfect for large and heavy tiles
  • Water and frost resistance (Keraflex Super is highly resistant to freeze/thaw conditions)
  • Quick-curing (Keraflex RS allows tiles to be grouted within 3 to 4 hours)
  • Superior mortar-wetting properties
  • Ideal for edge-leveling clip applications
  • Easy to mix: Products blend quickly and easily to a lump-free consistency with a buttery texture
  • Easy to trowel, requiring 70% less effort – which reduces application times
MTI-TV #17 – Keraflex mortars and High Transfer Technology

Sam and Brian discuss the MAPEI’s Keraflex family of mortars, featuring High-Transfer Technology.

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MAPEI’s Ultrabond ECO GPT , MAPEI Ultralite S2 and Keraflex Super high-performance mortar technology makes it faster and easier…

To find out more about Keraflex mortars, call 1-800-42-MAPEI or view the products' Technical Data Sheets.

Keraflex Road Tour Recap

It was great to see everyone on the road tour at our events. Thank you for making our Keraflex Road Tour such a success!


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