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Established in 1937, MAPEI Group is a family-owned, global corporation based in Milan, Italy. We have 91 subsidiaries including 84 plants in 35 countries. MAPEI is a world-leading manufacturer of chemical products for building, including waterproofing products, admixtures for concrete and repair products, and decorative and protective exterior coatings, as well as mortars, grouts and adhesives. More than 6,000 new Research and Development (R&D) formulas are developed every year.
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MAPEI has a long history of success that has been largely brought about by hard work and the unwavering dedication of generations of thoughtful innovators. Over the decades they have passed the baton of MAPEI knowledge to the next generations of leaders in the organization. While MAPEI has grown into a global organization, many of the founding principles, industry methods, technologies and core values that have led to our success are still deeply entwined in the birthplace of MAPEI – Milan, Italy. For this reason, MAPEI Corporation collaborates extensively with Italian counterparts and other global sites to offer on-the-job, on-site training abroad. In addition to providing in-depth technical training, these engagements provide our employees with an opportunity to build strong relationships with their international colleagues and to gain a deeper appreciation on MAPEI’s historical path to the current day. 

MAPEI employee benefits

Luigi Di Geso, President and CEO, MAPEI North America

Luigi Di Geso, President and CEO, MAPEI North America

At MAPEI Corporation, we believe our employees are our greatest asset. They provide the valuable skills and knowledge essential to MAPEI Corporation’s continued growth and future success. In return, we are pleased to provide one of the most comprehensive benefits packages in our industry.

• Retirement savings and investment plan
• Tuition reimbursement
• Health benefits
• Dental benefits
• Flexible spending accounts (FSAs)
• Life insurance
• Disability insurance
• Wellness program
• Employee assistance programs (EAPs)
• Vision, auto and home insurance
• Travel assistance plan, identity recovery services and basic critical illness

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Benefits described above are U.S.-specific. Outside the United States, MAPEI provides its employees with benefits applicable under country law. Benefits eligibility and plan provisions for employees covered under a collective bargaining agreement are specified in union contracts. Benefits and policies are subject to change.

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