Mapeheat Floor-Heating Systems

The industry’s most comprehensive line of radiant floor-heating products, including membranes and customizable mats, cable, mesh, programmable thermostats and a variety of accessories.

Products in the spotlight

Mapeheat Mat
Mapeheat Mat
Pre-Wired, Floor-Heating Fabric Mapeheat Mat is a pre-wired floor-heating fabric designed for easy installation. The pre-wiring…
Mapeheat Membrane
Mapeheat Membrane
Lightweight Uncoupling, Crack-Isolation and Waterproofing Membrane for Electrical Floor Heating Mapeheat Membrane is a lightweight…
Mapeheat Thermo Connect
Mapeheat Thermo Connect
Programmable, WiFi Floor-Heating Thermostat Mapeheat Thermo Connect WiFi-enabled, floor-sensing thermostat has been designed…
Mapeheat Cable
Mapeheat Cable
Radiant-Heating Cable for Use with Mapeheat Membrane Mapeheat Cable is a free-form, twisted-pair, floor-heating cable for use in any…

MAPEI’s Mapeheat products, with technology from nVent NUHEAT, combines the knowledge of two industry powerhouses into one comprehensive product line. Not only does the line offer the most variety of radiant floor-heating options, its membranes also provide lightweight uncoupling, crack-isolation and waterproofing properties.



Along with being the most comprehensive floor-heating product line in the industry, MAPEI’s Mapeheat product line carries the industry’s Best-Backed™ warranty program, which provides a variety of warranty options with simple, easy-to-understand requirements.



MAPEI’s Mapeheat products are designed to work together to provide a system solution for your project – from the specification to the customized membrane, mat, guides or mesh (all of which can be tailored to your specified size) to the choice of thermostat (ranging from basic to smart-home compatible). MAPEI’s Mapeheat line has the product innovations to help turn your radiant-heated floor installation into a success.



Mapeheat products combine the electrical technology of nVent NUHEAT with the flooring innovation of MAPEI to offer the industry’s most comprehensive and unique radiant floor-heating options. And if you have an installation or technical question, our experts have an answer. Mapeheat removes the stress from underfloor heating installations.

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Mapeheat Membrane Systems

Mapeheat Membrane Floor-Heating Systems provide customizable, targeted floor heating for any interior space – all…

Mapeheat Floor-Heating Systems

With technology from nVent NUHEAT , MAPEI’s Mapeheat line of floor-heating products is the industry’s most…

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