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Dynamon SX 37

Dynamon SX 37

High-Range, Water-Reducing Admixture Dynamon SX 37 is a high-performance admixture for concrete that is based on polycarboxylate…
Mapefibre ST 42

Mapefibre ST 42

Macrosynthetic Fiber Reinforcement for Concrete Mapefibre ST 42 is a blend of polypropylene and polyethylene resins, configured as waved…
Re-Con Zero Evo US

Re-Con Zero Evo US

Two-Component Powder for Recovering Returned Concrete from Mixer Trucks Re-Con Zero Evo US is a two-component powder product used to…
Mapecrete Resolve

Mapecrete Resolve

Hydration-Stabilizing Admixture for Concrete Mapecrete Resolve is a ready-to-use, liquid solution manufactured to control the hydration…

Certification Letter

MAPEI provides customized letters for its products, certifying that the products are compliant with ASTM and/or AASHTO standards plus any other pertinent associated information. Simply complete the form below and click the ‘Download’ button.



MAPEI’s Admixtures for Concrete provides cutting-edge products developed in our state-of-the-art Center of Excellence research facility and testing lab to meet or exceed industry standards, while reducing installation time and material waste.



MAPEI manufactures and maintains its own chemical dispenser units to ensure efficient batching of admixture products. We also own and operate multi-compartment tanker trucks for timely delivery of products. We are proud to offer the technical expertise, product integrity and customer support to assure customers that they will receive the industry’s most innovative products and the highest quality of service.


Wide Range Of Products

MAPEI’s Admixtures for Concrete products are formulated with an emphasis on high-performance concrete. By incorporating the optimum use of Portland cement and cementitious material in combination with local aggregate, our products achieve superior strength, workability and enhanced finishing at low water-to-cement ratios. Our offerings include precast solutions, fiber reinforcement, air-entraining agents, water reducers, retarders, accelerators, superplasticizers, corrosion inhibitors, shrinkage reducers, viscosity-modifying agents and masonry products.

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projects all around the world


Wind Generation Electricity Projects

Central Texas, USA

Admixtures for concrete, New building


US Hwy 151 Concrete Paving

Mineral Point, USA

Roading, Admixtures for concrete


U.S. Bank Stadium (home of the Minnesota Vikings)

Minneapolis, USA

Admixtures for concrete


U.S. Bank Stadium

Minneapolis, USA

Admixtures for concrete

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Architecture Projects

N° 34 - 9/21/2021

A city tour highlights the scope of system solutions provided by MAPEI.

Sustainability Product Spotlight

N° 34 - 9/24/2021

MAPEI's Cement Additives division provides customized grinding solutions for masonry cement production.

Architecture Interviews Projects News

N° 34 - 10/1/2021

After a viaduct’s collapse, renowned architect Renzo Piano worked with MAPEI on a bridge solution

Sustainability Architecture Projects Social Responsibility

N° 36 - 1/11/2023

Known for our system solution-approach to sustainable products, MAPEI was honored to play a role in the construction of the new Summit Complex high atop Pikes Peak. MAPEI’s technical experts as well…



Our mission is to help improve the quality of people’s lives by continually developing innovative and sustainable chemical products for construction. MAPEI certifications are issued by internationally recognized and accredited organizations.
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