US Hwy 151 Concrete Paving

Location icon Mineral Point, USA
Ref #: 9999013


Yard US Hwy 151 Concrete Paving
Location Mineral Point, USA
Subcategory STREET
Application US Hwy 151 Concrete Paving
Application Type Roading, Admixtures for concrete
Contractor company PCC Construction
Other Facts: 14 miles of 4 lane concrete paving exceeded 350,000 square yards of concrete

Product used for the project

Polychem 400 NC
Polychem 400 NC
Water-Reducing Admixture for Concrete Polychem 400 NC is a normal-setting,…
Polychem VR
Polychem VR
Air-Entraining Admixture Polychem VR is a ready-to-use air-entraining agent…

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