Floor Covering Installation Systems

From moisture-mitigating underlayments and spray adhesives to self-levelers and more, this page contains solutions to make your floor-covering installations more effective and efficient.

Products in the spotlight

Primer T
Primer T
All-Purpose Primer for Self-Leveling Underlayments Primer T is a low-VOC, water-based acrylic primer that enhances the performance and…
Novoplan DPL
Novoplan DPL
Deep-Pour, Self-Leveling Compound Novoplan DPL is a self-leveling, calcium-aluminate-based underlayment and repair mix for interior…
Mapecontact MRT
Mapecontact MRT
Moisture-Resistant Tape for Resilient Flooring Installation Mapecontact MRT is a double-sided, moisture-resistant tape for the rapid and…
Planiprep MRS
Planiprep MRS
Moisture-Resistant, High-Compressive-Strength Skimcoating Compound Planiprep MRS is an advanced, hydraulic-cement-based skimcoating…

Wide-ranging solutions for the widest variety of flooring issues

Commercial and industrial floors are exposed to intense traffic and constant use. Issues including moisture, substrate flatness/evenness and sound reduction must be addressed to guarantee safety, durability and maximum performance. MAPEI’s line of products for floor-covering installation includes adhesives, smoothing/levelling compounds and primers that meet or exceed industry performance standards and can be installed with confidence.



All our products are developed to meet or exceed industry standards while reducing installation time and material waste.



We have been awarded certification from various international programs for safeguarding the environment and health, including the GreenStep International award for sustainability.



The Floor Covering Installation Systems line of products is capable of formulation to meet different flooring requirements around the world.

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Town and Country Mall

Miami, USA

Installation of floors

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Intercontinental Los Angeles Downtown Hotel

Los Angeles, USA

Installation of floors

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The Alise Hotel

San Francisco, USA

Installation of floors

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St. Francis Hotel

San Francisco, USA

Installation of floors

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Product Spotlight

N° 31 - 7/9/2020

Sound reduction and multi-family residences

Social Responsibility Sustainability

N° 31 - 7/2/2020

As sustainable building practices advance, consideration for how a building’s indoor environment can affect human health continues to grow. Studies have shown that poor indoor air quality impacts the…

#indoor air quality #green-building #sustainability #certification

Social Responsibility News

N° 31 - 7/7/2020

An update on MAPEI's ongoing support of the Gary Sinise Foundation's R.I.S.E. program

Sustainability Architecture Projects

N° 28 - 7/1/2020

Culture, architecture and urban design collide to produce a city on the cutting edge, which could well describe Atlanta. MAPEI’s wide-ranging systems of products have been used to waterproof, level,…


MTI-TV #15: MAPEI floor tapes – Instant installation and moisture resistance

Sam and Jeff discuss the differences between MAPEI’s new moisture-resistant tapes for resilient and wood flooring.

Tech Tip on 3-in-1 Wood Adhesives

Trowel clips are an important part of MAPEI’s 3-in-1 wood flooring adhesives Ultrabond ECO 995 and Ultrabond ECO 985 .

MAPEI MTI-TV Product Spotlight: ECO Prim Grip

Tile-over-tile installations are easy with ECO Prim Grip, a ready-to-use multipurpose bond-promoting primer.

Industry certifications

MAPEI’s Floor Covering Installation Systems products are engineered for a variety of benefits, including low chemical emissions, protection from mold and mildew, and easy installation. In addition, some products can assist with the Living Building Challenge and WELL Building Standard; as a result, many of our products carry the following certification:


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