Sustainability is built into everything we do

Sustainability has long been the distinguishing feature of MAPEI’s operating and production systems. This is why MAPEI publishes a Sustainability Report, aimed at sharing its environmental, social and economic performance and also its continual commitment to improvement.

Letter to the stakeholder



2021 has seen recovery and a desire to return to normalcy, along with renewed energy and an awareness of having faced and continuing to face an unprecedented and unexplored challenge that is both complex and fascinating. MAPEI, too, has been motivated to start fresh and embrace our path of growth and corporate responsibility with renewed conviction. We are guided in this by the same corporate strategy that has always proved successful even in difficult periods. This path is based on Internationalization, Specialization, Research and Development and, above all: Sustainability.

Around the globe, MAPEI studies advanced solutions every day to reduce the environmental impact of our activities. We work to spread the culture of quality and long-lasting construction, by focusing on the entire life cycle of products and putting the well-being of the planet and people at the center of business activities.

Acting effectively to produce less waste and to limit the inefficient use of resources is one of the main challenges of this millennium. At MAPEI we address this challenge by paying particular attention to using recycled materials whenever possible in the formulation of products and in their packaging. This requires study, a constant commitment to research and, above all, the conviction that change is possible. At MAPEI this awareness is strong, and we are proud of the awards that our work has achieved in the field of sustainability.

It is always important to remember that behind all the activities and successes of the MAPEI Family are people who work with passion and dedication every day. It is thanks to them that the company now stands out in the market for its quality and expertise. Our sincere thanks go to the team, which in 2021 consisted of over 11,000 employees worldwide and contributed to revenue of €3.3 billion. In these two years of the pandemic, we have tried to keep mutual collaboration and support alive, ensuring that everyone can return to work in complete peace of mind and compliance with the corresponding safety measures, while flexible working schedules partially continue.

Care for people and their personal and professional growth are central elements of MAPEI Group’s corporate policy. For this reason, we resumed training activities partly interrupted by COVID-19 as soon as possible. Likewise, as production resumed, the hiring rate also grew, with new young talent joining the company.

Our commitment to ensuring an inclusive and merit-based working environment has been recognized for the second consecutive year by the "Italy’s Best Employers for Women" analysis from the German Institute of Quality and Finance, which lists MAPEI among the 200 best employers for women in Italy. Meanwhile, in Hungary, MAPEI received the MNKSZ "Best Workplace" Award from the AEU Association for Women’s Professional Growth (MNKSZ).

Faithful to our DNA, which always drives us to look ahead to face new challenges, we have decided to expand the scope of this Sustainability Report to the European level and to redesign the material matrix, with help from the Group’s main corporate functions.

At Mapei S.p.A., we have renewed our active contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with an increasing commitment to adopting a circular process and product approach and to measuring, monitoring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our activities and products.

We therefore present MAPEI’s 2021 Sustainability Report in the belief that sustainability is not a destination, but a compass for devising and designing solutions that are increasingly innovative and attentive to the environment and people.

Veronica and Marco Squinzi

Corporate CEOs

Sustainability figures

All figures refer to Mapei Europe


Billion euros
distributed to
stakeholders in 2021


Million euros
invested in R&D in 2021

Total offset of CO2 emitted during the life cycle of Keraflex Maxi S1 ZERØ; mortar in Italy and of Ultracolor Plus in global production, by purchasing certified credits to implement a project to generate energy from renewable hydroelectric sources in Indonesia



Hours of technical training


Training participants in 2021


Total hours of training for employees
(about 21 hours per capita)


Purchases (by weight)
from local suppliers1 in 2021


Employees in 20212


Injuries by frequency
rate in 2021 compared with 2020


Hiring rate
in 2021


Termination rate
in 2021


Employees with permanent


Million euros in contribution
to sporting, cultural
and social initiatives3

1. “Local suppliers” means suppliers located in the same geographical area as the relevant subsidiaries (Italy, Western Europe and Eastern Europe).

2. Note that this number differs from the one published in 2021 Consolidated Financial Statements (6,803) as it does not include temporary agency workers.

3. Note that the value reported here of €31.7 million includes €23.3 million allocated by other MAPEI Group companies to U.S. Sassuolo Calcio S.r.l. to conduct its activities.

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