MAPEI continues to pedal alongside the International Cycling Union

September 22, 2021

Milan, Italy — MAPEI, a leading manufacturer of chemicals for the building industry and also world-renowned for its involvement in global cycling, is once again supporting the UCI (International Cycling Union) as the Main Sponsor of the Road World Championships. 

The 100th edition of the event, which was first held back in 1921, started on September 19, 2021, and will conclude on September 26; the event is taking place in Flanders, Belgium. This is a storied land for cycling where the greatest champions of all time have battled, and which has witnessed many great victories by the MAPEI Professional Cycling Team in the 1990s. 

A shared belief in such values as commitment, hard work and perseverance underscores MAPEI’s passion for cycling and its uninterrupted support for the UCI and World Championships since 2008, after first being involved in the Time Trials in Treviso and the road races in Verona back in 1999. 

The motto “Never stop pedalling,” coined by Giorgio Squinzi, MAPEI Group’s late CEO, encapsulates one of the main factors that MAPEI has in common with cycling: Constantly pushing yourself to your limits to achieve increasingly rewarding goals. 

“MAPEI’s relationship with cycling is alive and kicking. After the wonderful adventure with our professional cycling team, we are continuing to support leading events, such as the Road World Cycling Championships, to keep on supporting a sport that has given us so much,” stated Veronica Squinzi, MAPEI Group’s current CEO. “Our involvement in this year’s World Championships has special meaning due to memories of those epic races in this part of the world in which we were leading players.”

In conjunction with the World Championships, the MAPEI Group, whose passion for cycling is matched by great attention to local communities and regions, has auctioned two racing bikes through its Belgian subsidiary. The bikes once belonged to two legendary cyclists: Johan Museeuw and Andrea Tafi. 

Autographed by the two champions and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and personal messages from both riders, the two bikes will be auctioned at The money that is collected will go to residents of the Grâce-Hollogne region – who were hit so badly by flooding in July – with the help of the King Baudouin Foundation. 

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