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MAPEI Tech Talk is a blog devoted to the flooring and construction industry. It is updated on a regular basis by the social media team at MAPEI Americas, and it will feature guest bloggers occasionally as we provide you with viewpoints from across the industry.
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Cris Bierschank
Cris is the Sustainability Manager for MAPEI Americas. As a LEED Green Associate and member of the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), he assists customers involved in sustainable projects, such as LEED and Living Building Challenge (LBC). As a member of MAPEI’s Technical Services Department, Cris helps in writing and developing the company’s training programs and technical documents, and contributes to MAPEI’s social media and technical blog. His 35 years of experience in field engineering and training include collaboration on numerous global installation projects; and during his past 13 years with MAPEI, Cris has applied his experience to the construction and flooring industry.
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