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June 23, 2017 - 15.22
Tiny House, Big Challenge! Coverings Installation Design Showcase
by MAPEI Product Support
Designer Kim Lewis talks to the media about her inspiration for the "Retro Bungalow"
For the last 8 years, Coverings has included a feature called the Installation Design Showcase. In years past, a room would be built on-site, tiled during the show, and then sent off to the landfill afterwards. This year, the organizers decided on Tiny Houses which could be built on a chassis and then re-used after the show. As we have since the beginning, MAPEI enthusiastically partnered with the Coverings team to bring one of these visions to life. We were lucky enough to be paired up with TV's Kim Lewis, a designer who shared our enthusiasm for combining sustainability with function and created the "Retro Bungalow." Her design featured lots of natural light, quirky color choices, and plenty of Tiles of Italy including large format wall and floor tiles throughout the building.
We were also lucky to be teamed up with Sam Bruce and the Visalia Ceramic Tile team.  Sam accepted our challenge of working with our suite of sustainable products.  This included Ultralite Mortar and Ultracolor Plus FA grout, both of which carry the Green Squared certification for sustainable tiling products and AquaDefense, our low VOC waterproofing product.  Although Sam and the crew didn't typically use MAPEI products and hadn't tried these before, they quickly grew to appreciate the workability of the products and the lightweight mortar that allowed the tiny house to remain street legal by reducing weight.  MAPEI's John Koessler was on hand to answer questions, discuss the products, and take these great pictures.
This year's Design Showcase had the most buzz I can ever remember at a Coverings event.  Everyone wanted to talk about the Tiny Houses and MAPEI was literally and figuratively in the middle of the discussion. Most exciting for the entire team, once the project was complete, the whole building was hooked to a truck and towed to a nearby lake where it now serves as a permanent reminder of Coverings 2017.  If you'd like, you can even stay there, comfortable in the knowledge that the MAPEI products inside won't contribute to indoor air issues while they waterproof the showers, hold the tiles in place, and decorate the grout joints.  For more information, you can watch the promotional video from the show... you may even see John and I wandering around in one of the houses if you pay close attention.
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