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A Brief History
General Resource Technology, Inc. (GRT) has recently joined the family of MAPEI Group.
GRT will follow its current operating structure, with GRT Vice President Travis Collins acting as General Manager of the subsidiary and reporting directly to MAPEI Americas President and CEO Luigi Di Geso. The company has two production sites - located in Minneapolis, MN, and St. Louis, MO.

Originally established in 1937, today MAPEI is a privately owned global corporation headquartered in Milan, Italy, with 70 subsidiaries including 64 plants in 31 countries.
The company specializes in manufacturing chemical products for building, including waterproofing products, special mortars and admixtures for concrete, products for the restoration of ancient buildings, and special decorative and protective coatings for concrete surfaces. In addition, MAPEI is the world leader in the manufacturing of mortars, grouts, adhesives and complementary products for the installation of all types of floor and wall coverings.

Family-owned since it was founded in 1993, GRT markets concrete admixtures andauxiliary products for the concrete industry in the central United States. The company's products are routinely used to produce high-performance concrete mixes that are called upon to perform in all weather conditions. GRT continually incorporates the latest product technology available in its efforts to meet customer needs and is focused on continuing the development of next-generation chemical admixture products.

The combination of GRT with MAPEI's strong reputation in the construction industry strengthens the regional company as it grows under the auspices of the global corporation.
By developing synergies with its own product lines, MAPEI expects to expand the GRT footprint east and west in the United States and eventually north into Canada and south into Mexico. With the addition to its portfolio of an admixture manufacturer based in the Americas, MAPEI anticipates increased growth for its Concrete Restoration Systems category.