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Mapei software dedicated to on-site design verification.

The building world is like one big construction site in constant evolution. Innovations in construction techniques and the creation of new requirements for standards and design need to be constantly updated. This is why Mapei software programs are useful calculation tools and contain the latest updates, developed for experts from the sector who need to verify design work directly on site.

All our software may be downloaded free of charge. All you need to do is login or register on our website.


Data Mapesilent

Data Mapesilent is a Mapei software program used to verify the acoustic characteristics of buildings and calculate the thermal transmittance of partition walls. The program also allows you to verify if project requirements meet the specified legal limits.

With this software you can calculate:

  • Weighted sound reduction index - Rw
  • Weighted standardised level difference – DnT,w
  • Weighted standardised impact sound pressure level - L’n,w
  • Thermal transmittance of partition walls - U

Data Mapesilent includes a comprehensive database of materials and components, and their relative performance characteristics taken from reports published by research institutes, which is simple to update by the user.
The procedures used to calculate passive acoustic requirements are taken from the following Euronorms:

EN 12354 – 1: Airborne sound insulation between rooms
EN 12354 – 2: Impact sound insulation between rooms
EN 12354 – 3: Airborne sound insulation against outdoor sound



Mapei FRP Formula

Mapei FRP Formula is a software program for reinforced concrete and masonry structures strengthened with FRP composite materials with an organic matrix.
The software allows you to correctly dimension flexural and combined flexural/compressive strengthening, shear strengthening and confinement of reinforced concrete beams and calculates FRP chains.

  • Calculations comply with CNR DT 200 R1/2013 and NTC 2008 standards.
  • It was developed in collaboration with the DiSt (Department of Engineering Structures and Architecture) of the Federico II University of Naples.
  • Mapei FRP Formula is made up of a series of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Mapei HPC Formula

Mapei HPC Formula is a software program for our new strengthening systems using Planitop HPC and Planitop HPC Floor.
These are two ultra high-performance, shrinkage-compensated, free-flowing, high ductility, fibre-reinforced cementitious mortars containing stiff steel fibres.
They are used to strengthen concrete structures and the extrados of compact floor slabs.

  • Calculations comply with CNR DT 204/2006, NTC 2008 and Eurocode 2 standards.
  • It was developed in collaboration with the DiSt (Department of Engineering Structures and Architecture) of the Federico II University of Naples.

Mapefix Software Design 

Mapefix Software Design is a calculation tool specifically developed to calculate the correct dimensions of an anchor using Mapefix resins in compliance with current European standards.
The software has various calculation modules to cover all design cases: anchoring threaded bars in masonry, anchoring threaded bars in concrete and anchoring rebar in concrete and masonry.

Mapefix Software Design also gives design engineers the maximum flexibility when using the program by allowing them the freedom to select numerous variables typically found in structural strengthening and connection interventions: anchors in tension and compression zones, interventions in seismic areas, the type and quality of the substrate, the method adopted to make holes and the length, diameter and grade of the metal bars to be used.

Apart from verifying the design data inputted, the software also allows you to make a detailed check of each step of the calculation so that all the intermediate results and the calculation criteria adopted are freely available and can be shared with others.

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