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Providing the best and most innovative solutions for planning and building in an eco-sustainable way is a fundamental commitment for Mapei. It requires responsibility and the ability to make choices to provide safe, reliable and durable products with the lowest impact on the environment, which can be available to designers, contractors, applicators and customers.

Durable Products = Less Waste, Less Resources Depletion = Lower Environmental Impact

How Do We Measure
Environmental Impacts?

The environmental impacts of our products are quantified through LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), a standardized methodology. The outcome is issued in an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which is a report according to international standards (ISO 14025, EN 15804).
The LCA of a product is the assessment of its environmental impacts all along its life cycle: from the raw materials extraction, to their transport to the plant, to the production phases. LCA takes into account packaging, wastes and the delivery of the products to the customers and the final disposal.

Mapei promotes the 2030 Agenda with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

to offer certified building products respectful to Environment and People.


Solutions for health and wellbeing
Apart from promoting a safe, healthy workplace for its employees, Mapei is committed to the development of solutions that preserve the quality of air inside buildings, guarantee a high level of living comfort inside buildings and ensure the wellbeing of both those who apply our products and those who use and live the areas where they are applied.


Eco-sustainable building
Mapei supports the development of local communities and the territory and creates products that help increase the sustainability of buildings because they meet the requirements of the most widely adopted sustainable building protocols, such as LEED (Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method).


Educating about sustainability
Through training courses, conferences and webinars, Mapei nurtures the talent of its human capital and stakeholders by providing them with knowledge and appropriate growth tools and by raising their awareness of sustainability.


Circular economy
Mapei adopts a circular approach to its processes and products, reducing the amount of waste generated through recovery and recycling activities, containing the consumption of virgin raw materials entering the manufacturing process and promoting the use of recycled materials in product formulations.

Innovative and quality products
Mapei is committed to the research and development of innovative, quality and long-lasting products that play a key part in the construction of sustainable structures.

Reducing the impact of processes and products
Mapei measures and monitors greenhouse gas emissions from its manufacturing activities with the aim of contributing more and more to combatting climate change. Also, through the LCA method, it measures the level of emissions connected to its products and is constantly committed to reducing such emissions.

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